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University and Education

UW-Stevens Point, DeBot Storm Water System Renovation (11L1Y)

UW-Stevens Point

Professional Engineering, LLC prepared the drainage plans for the DeBot Facility and surrounding areas located on the U.W. Stevens Point campus. The project includes installation of storm sewer main in practice fields to collect runoff frmo DeBot Center and the DeBot North Residence Halls. Storm Sewer was also rerouted to a new storm sewer main and additional inlets were installed to improve draiinage. Sidewalk improvements were also completed and roof scuppers to the four main DeBot roofs were added to prevent excessive build up of water.

UW-Stevens Point, DUC South Entrance Trench Drain Remodel (11F2E)

UW Stevens Point

Professional Engineering, LLC, completed the civil engineering plans and specifications for the DUC South Entrance Trench Drain Remodel site. The lower entrance had flooded during large storm events. Improvements included reducing the tributary area draining toward the entrance, providing increased on-site storm water storage capacity and rerouting storm sewer from pump to a downstream catch basin. Services included preparing a Demolition Plan, Site Renovation Plan, Grading & Erosion Control Plan, Utility Plan, Site Details and specifications.

Eagle School Addition

School Expansion and Removations – Fitchburg

Professional Engineering, LLC, worked on this school expansion project which included K-8 addition and renovations, a 300-seat performing arts center, a new playground area and additional parking. The project also included connections to the existing bike path, several retaining walls due to the significant change in grade, and stormwater management devices. Services included site plan design, grading, utilities, stormwater management and erosion control.

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