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Government & Defense

Dept. of Military Affairs – Relocate MVSC Fence (13G1X)

Professional Engineering, LLC, recently completed plans and specifications to relocate fencing and lighting at the Mauston Motor Vehicle Storage Compound. Work included redesigning the site fencing layout to maximize privately owned vehicles (POV) and government owned vehicles (GOV) parking. In addition, existing light fixtures were replaced with energy efficient LED fixtures and the underground electrical system was extended to the relocated light poles.

Dept. of Military Affairs – AFRC Parking and Fence (15F1W & 15F1X)

The scope of work included installation of approximately 975 linear feet of security fence similar to the existing site fencing, designed to meet UFC requirements. In addition the scope included 1,000 square yards of new rigid pavement for military owned vehicle parking area, necessary access ways, and associated fencing and security lighting.

State Hwy 29 & County Hwy FF Interchange (WisDOT)

Drainage Design and Stormwater Management

Professional Engineering, LLC prepared the drainage plans and stormwater management report for the WIS 29 and County FF Interchange project. The project includes the construction of a diamond interchange to replace the existing intersection of WIS 29 and County FF; the reconstruction of County FF / Sherwood Street to create a two-lane divided boulevard with four roundabouts; and changes to the local road system to preserve access and circulation. Guidelines and regulations for used for stormwater management include the WisDOT Facilities Development Manual, Chapter 10, Erosion Control and Storm Water Quality; Wisconsin Administrative Code Chapter TRANS 401, Construction Site Erosion Control and Storm Water Management Procedures for Department Actions; and the WisDOT/DNR Cooperative Agreement Amendment—Memorandum of Understanding on Erosion Control and Storm Water Management.

The overall stormwater management strategy for the proposed project would include the following:

  • Limit disturbance of natural drainage features and vegetation.
  • Prior to land disturbance, prepare and implement an approved erosion and sediment control plan.
  • Protect areas that provide important water quality benefits and/or that are susceptible to erosion and sediment loss.
  • Reduce direct discharge of highway runoff into streams and wetlands by having it flow through a filter strip or vegetated swale.
  • Reduce runoff velocities by running storm water in shallow, flat-bottom ditches.

Dept. of Military Affairs – Armed Forces Reserve Center (06E1B)

Redesign Stormwater Management System – Madison, WI

The stormwater devices in this 31 acre project failed shortly after construction. Professional Engineering was hired to redesign the stormwater management system. Professional Engineering worked with the Capital Area Regional Planning Commission (CARPC), City of Madison, Department of Military Affairs and Department of Administration on this stormwater improvement project. Professional Engineering reviewed the Plat Covenants and Restrictions, Wisconsin Administrative Code Chapter NR 151, Chapter 14 of the Dane County Code of Ordinances and Chapter 37 of the City of Madison Ordinances to create a new system that met local, county and state requirements.ter Management System – Madison, WI